A dedicated Power Assessment will determine the power equipment performance,as well as identify energy saving opportunities at site, ensuring overall infrastructure availability.
Using industry-leading tools, Nexus Energy Solution’s expert Customer Engineers assess the electrical infrastructure from the incoming power through to the critical load, with the objective of recommending actions for improving power-related performance, energy and other operating cost-savings while ensuring compliance with industry best practices and safety codes and standards.

As with Nexus Energy Solution’s wider series of assessments, industry benchmarks and best practices are used as parameters for evaluation.

Nexus Energy Solution Comprehensive Power Assessments feature:

  • Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) analysis
  • Single point of failure analysis
  • Switch gear equipment analysis
  • DC systems analysis including rated capacity, utilization and efficiency on rectifiers and inverters
  • UPS systems analysis including rated capacity, utilization and efficiency
  • Battery backup and battery optimization
  •  Critical components thermal analysis

Reporting is a fundamental component of the Power Assessment in which the in depth evaluation of parameters measured, together with optimization recommendations and return on investment (ROI) calculations are detailed. It is moreover designed to provide data center professionals with clear recommendations and actions for immediate and future optimization of power infrastructure.

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