Remote Services gives you access to a team of experts that will assist in managing and providing a professional response in critical situations. With remote access to your equipment, our service experts have real-time insight and information needed to quickly identify, diagnose and resolve any irregularities that may arise in operation, ultimately taking responsibility for your critical assets 24/7.

They will use their competence and extensive experience to help make your network more robust, lowering MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), site maintenance costs, energy costs and improve the utilization of the CAPEX that you put into the network. They will work with your staff or appointed subcontractors to optimize the mix of remote and on site activity and they can tailor their work to fit your needs and budget.

You can remain confident in your network reliability while knowing that Nexus Energy Solution is taking a holistic approach to managing your critical infrastructure with an unmatched range of remote monitoring equipment and experts.


  • Single-source accountability for all critical infrastructure monitoring and service escalations
  • With 24/7 technical support and field service, you are supported around the clock by factory-trained experts that understand your equipment
  • Customized service escalation plan including a process for notifying decision makers within your organization 
  • Comprehensive reports including monthly alarm summary and KPI’s to keep you informed of critical infrastructure operation and recommended action plan 
  • Our Remote Services can be applied to all types of critical infrastructure, including Batteries, Cooling, UPSs, PDUs, generators, Transfer Switches, etc


  • Increased network availability with early warnings and quicker failure resolutions
  • Substantial improvement of bad batteries identification
  • Lower OPEX and improved PUE thanks to fewer site visits and energy savings
  • Asset optimization by better utilization of existing equipment 
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